Mini Sanitizing Spray or Face Moisturizer

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The Nano Mist molecules are excellent for the eyelash extensions,face,hair,lip and body. The Nano Mister penetration,adopts a
high-tech atomization chip and special high-speed oscillation processes turning the particle into 0.3-0.5 nm molecule sizes which
penetrates deep into the skin quickly. No fumes/irritation!

Nano Mist Solution molecules lock in skin moisture by fusing together with live nutrients and ells,making the skin fresh,hydrated
and elastic. With the time memory function,the Nano Mist will turn off after 50 seconds automatically.

The face mister creates a really fine cold mist (6um) that help relieve skin problems of alleviate dry, irritated and damaged. The
cool and soothing mist moisturize your skin quickly and deeply without forming beads on the skin to mess up your makeup and can
set it for even longer

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