2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener

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One button operation, long press 2 seconds turn on and off, single button heating regulation.
Long Life performance: You can use it for 10000-20000 times, which is value for money.
Before applying the product, wash you hair first, Blow dry the hair to 80% after washing. This step is very important
1.Hold the iron, take one hair section between two plates and make sure the upper body upward and close to the scalp. The thicker your hair, the higher the numbered setting should be.
2.Clamp the flat iron around the hair and give it a half turn so that your hair is in a U-shape. Hold the flat iron in this position as you move it down the hair shaft, right to the ends.
3.Loosen your curls (optional). If you want your hair to look softer and looser, run your fingers through the curls a few times. The curls will pull down and loosen up as you do so.
1.Hold the iron, take one hair section between two plates and make sure the lower body upward and close to the scalp
2.Rotate the lower body clockwise down and lower body is at front of forehead
3.Then go and glide down towards the tails


Features & details

  • GOOD NEWS: It’s time to say goodbye to all your hair styling equipment. This is an innovative styling device that adopt 3D floating heating plate technology and negative ion technology for ALL IN ONE.
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY:During the modeling process, the negative ion generator will continue to release a large amount of negative ions. These negative ions will neutralize the positive ions generated during the molding process, which makes the original fluffy hair become supple and more vitality.
  • Hair Straightener + Curler Iron 2 IN 1 with With 140°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C four-mood temperature control, suitable for all kinds of hair, both soft and thick hair can find their own temperature. It can be used no matter hair is wet or dry, and comes with a heat-proof pouch to keep you away from burns
  • 30 Seconds Preheating, helps you quick styling and is easy to operate, 360° swivel wires and Safe sleep mode can automatically turns off the heaters if left unattended lasting for 60 minutes