Bebird M9 Pro Ear Cleaning Endoscope

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Made of PC and silicone material, the ear stick head is soft and comfortable

300w high precision endoscope, easy to dive into the small ear canal

Magnetic charging base, 1.5 hours fast charge can be used for 60 days

Four axis intelligent directional gyroscope, exquisite ear picking at any angle

Lens bore only 3.5mm, special designed for children and people with small ears

High-Tech WiFi Chip

19pcs secret ear parts to need your different needs

Come with magnetically charged base, easy and convenient to charge and storage

Intelligent visual ear stick, suitable for elderly and children

Base accessory storage box : Easy to store, convenient and not messy . Use the scene to change the ear spoon head anytime, anywhere


Product Name M9 Pro Intelligent Visual Ear Pick Rod

Network Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Antenna: Built-in FPC Antenna

Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Image Transmission Rate: 30fps

Working Environment Temperature: -10~50 Centigrade

Battery: 350mAh

Battery Life Approx 90 Minute

Charge time: 1.5h

Input Current: DC 5V 300mA

Inside Diameter of Lens: 4.5mm

Optimum Focal Length: 1.5 - 2cm

Pixel: 3 Million

Gravity Sensor: 4 Axis

Host Weight 32g ( Without Base)

Package Includes:

1 set

1x Smart Ear Stick

6x Ear Scoop

3x Sample Massage

8x Enjoyment

4x Classic Q Ear Spoon

2x Special Ear Scoop

3x Silver Needle Massage Stick

4x cotton swab

3x alcohol swab

2x Auxiliary Tool

1x Charging base