DSP-Hair Straightener With Keratin Effect

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12 months Warranty from manufacturer 

Automatic Creatine Life DSP dsp 10183 | 750 degree DSP automatic keratin | Automo life DSP The DS 10183 DSP 10183 Automatic Crater Life has ceramic turmeric plates with a width of 26 mm and a maximum temperature of 750. C. Ceramics distribute heat evenly throughout the ironing board and prevent damage to the hair due to excessive temperature rise. Tourmaline is also a natural source of ions, and by producing negative ions, it reduces frizz and makes hair more radiant and soft.

The temperature of the hair ironing plates can be adjusted by the positive and negative buttons on the body. There are 6 adjustable temperatures from 480 to 750 degrees. The set temperature is indicated by one of the LEDs on the DSP Automatic Keratin Life Category. With the help of the rapid heating system, which has a thermal element of the hair dryer, the temperature of the plates reaches the set temperature for 30 seconds, and with the help of its keratin capability, it makes the hair look smoother, brighter and healthier and reduces frizz.

The power cord of the hair straightener is 1.8 meters long and has a rotating position at the connection to the body. The ability to rotate the wire while making it easier to work with the hair straightener prevents the wire from getting tangled and worn out. In summary, it has ceramic plates with a width of 26 mm, 6 adjustable temperatures from 480 to 750C, rapid heating, LED temperature indicators, long rotating wire and storage bag, and with keratinization, it is a very good choice for straightening hair.