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iRest A306 Voice Controlled Smart Full Body Massage chair

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Color: Black
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1 Year Warranty 

AI Voice Control
When the massage chair is open or in standby mode, say “hi, Alice” or press the voice control wake-up button on the right armrest to wake up the voice control function.After the successful wake-up, the massage chair will reply " I am here". At this time, the voice control entry cprresponding to the function is realized within 6 seconds. Then you can say the voice control entry words to control the massage chair functions.


With airbags on shoulders, arms, legs, and calves to fully relax the body, to the depth of the body massage, fully relieve fatigue and pain of the body.


Auto Body Detection
After turning on, the massage chair will automatically detect your height, shoulder width and weight. Then match the right point to massage for you.


With back heat treatment function: carbon fiber as far infrared heat source. The heating pads on lower back area with approx 40℃, which not only can stimulates blood circulation, but also can soothe your sore muscle or damaged tissues.


Bluetooth Speaker
The chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music and phone calls on high quality speakers. This will make you much more enjoyable in your massage experience.


Handrail Shortcut Key
Right arm with Handrail shortcut key which have on/off button, chair angle adjust button, pause button, auto mode button, voice wake up, heating, air pressure, entire foot lifting, Zero gravity, Backrest lifting. It is more convenient for you to control your massage chair during massage.


Massage Techniques
The A306 is equipped with soft quad style rollers to mimic the feel of human thumb, thereby enhancing the massage experience. The rolling manipulation helps dredge the main meridians on the back, acanthus, forehead and the top of the head, along which the acupuncture points are distributed, to cleat the collateral channels.


Automatic Massage Functions
There are 12 kinds of automatic massage functions, including comfortable massage, relaxing massage, traction massage, shoulder and neck massage, back and waist massage, whole body massage, protection of vertebral massage, fatigue recovery, stretching muscles and activating collateral, beautiful buttock shaping, soothing sleep and full air pressure.


Foot Roller Massage & Calf Airbag Massage
Mechnical rollers at the bottom of the foot massage mechanism works in the conjunction with the foot and calf airbags to give an amazing lower extremity massage.


SL Track
This massage chair is designed with SL track with about 135cm, you can enjoy the robot hands massage from neck to legs.


Space Capsule Zero Gravity
There are 3 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle. Meanwhile, our heart and knees are in a horizontal line, which can effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.


Stretching Function
Enjoy Yoga stretching, the body is arched, relax the whole body, and while stretching, there is a 3D robot for kneading, tapping, and shiatsu combination.


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