Piggy Bank Truck

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1. Put cash on the scroll, rolling into the machine automatically

2. As a toy car and play music, perfect gifts for kids

3. Made of plactic, durable, safe, solid, long performance life

4. When storing money, flashing head light with voices prompts

5. Multi-Function: Tell stories, music, light, fingerprint touches, automatic cash scroll, password opening, voices switching.

6.When forgetting password, taking out the battery and letting it restore the original password 0000
Changing the password: when the cabinet door is open, press and hold the " * " key to enter the new password.
After inputting, press and hold the " # " key to confirm, you can set the password for completing the heart.

7.In the open state, long press the “*” key to switch between the Chinese/English mode.
(In the English state, there are only three functions: children's song mode, music mode, password mode)


Package Included:


1x Piggy Bank ; 1x Screw Tool; 1x Manual




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