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Multi-Functional Garden Gloves with Claws

Multi-Functional Garden Gloves with Claws

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Gardening: First and Foremost, It’s for You!

Gardening is one way for people to ground themselves which also allows them to escape from the rest of the world and focus only on their own little space. Not only does this hobby is emotionally rewarding and entertaining, it also has its physical benefits as well. You’ll be able to soak yourself with a daily dose of Vitamin D and although it doesn’t entail so many intense activities, it gives you an opportunity to sweat.

Another benefit is that you get to eat all your fresh harvest of fruits and veggies. The Gardening Gloves by Floro give you the one step gardening solution by providing the gloves with sturdy claws in both hands. The hard black plastic claws are perfect for piercing the ground to plant, covering the hole, pulling out unwanted stuff, and many other tasks without using most of the gardening tools.


Love the Garden but Hates Dirt?

It isn’t just flowers and blooms, we admit that a beautiful garden is like a diamond in the rough. It entails patience, hard work and a lot of dirt too. However, your hands should be as pretty as your garden would be.

Garden Gloves by Floro is a sleek, breathable hand protector that helps you avoid wounded fingertips, cuts, and blisters as you beautify and grow your pods. These are made from the durable plastic material making any heavy activity a breeze.

It’s Not Just for You, It’s for The Whole Family




Not only gardening is personally very therapeutic, it can also be a family experience. You can put your creativity together and grow a decorative fairy garden or a canopy of flowers.

We all know that all of these will not happen overnight, as you take care of your plants, you can teach your children about life values such as determination, endurance, diligence and caring for others.

As you all commune with surroundings, make it more enjoyable for everyone with Garden Gloves by Floro. Its breathable material comfortably fits and its universal size is suitable for most men, women and children.

What Else Can Be Done with The Gardening Gloves




Gardening gloves by Floro are a great gift for your loved ones. If your father loves gardening, it would definitely be the best Father’s day gift ever for your dad.

Other than gardening, many people use these gloves for a light back-scratching of their pets. Whenever they wear these, their dogs run to them, come in line and wait for their turn for the cozy feeling.

If your mother likes gardening, get these gloves on her birthday and give the best birthday present for her. You can gift them to your siblings, friends, teachers and to all the people you care about.

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  • One Step Gardening Solution --- Gardening, without a doubt, lifts people’s spirits. However, dealing with all the complicated tools seems to be a little too overwhelming for someone who’s trying to rest and enjoy the presence of their surroundings and the sunshine above. Garden Gloves by Floro is an all-in-one solution that can perform multiple gardening tasks. Whether it’s digging, planting, raking, or poking, this helpful tool makes them fast, easy and enjoyable!
  • Injuries, No More! --- Activities that come along with growing saplings means exposing yourself to raw sand that might injure your hands. Aside from injuries, exposing your bare fingers to dirt may make your skin dry. In order to have a more pleasurable “me time” with your greenery, put these hand protectors on.
  • With 4 Black Fingertips Claws In Both Hands --- The sleek built-in claws are made of high-density ABS plastic material that ensures your fingers are fine while you do some easy and even heavier tasks in the yard. Its “ease-of-use” technology concentrates pressure only on the stronger parts of your fingertips. It makes work more efficient, easier, faster and most of all, fun!
  • Comfortable & High-Quality Material --- These green and black colored, breathable gloves fit comfortably. The garden gloves are durable enough to work even in the hard soil. You won’t need a shovel for most of the gardening with these super gardening gloves.
  • One Standard Size Fits For All --- Each pair has a wrist diameter of 3” and palm diameter of 4.7” and stretchable material. It fits well with most women, and men. The stretch is also easy to keep your palm comfortable, and the grip is good enough to make you work quickly. Now, gardening can even be a good family activity with the whole family!
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