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Portable Electrical Thermal Hair Cap

Portable Electrical Thermal Hair Cap

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Product details:
color: Pink
Size: Adjustable
liner: Removable and washable

1.Hair Nourishing: Through scientific electric heating principle,by accelerating blood circulation of hair rooting, nutrition of hair nourishing ointment will be quickly absorbed into hair roots for damaged hair reparation and hair improvement. It is most applicable for hair problems such as dry, hard and stiff,easily broken or lost. Your hair will become soft and bright in a short time after use.
2.Hair care: To accelerate head blood circulation, and adjust scalp excretion, it is effective for scalp infection, dandruff,coryza,headache, head itching and etc. It will make people more healthy, suitable for men and women, old and young,convenient to use for every season in the year.
3.Hair dyeing: Convenient and applicable for home and beauty salon use.Hair well shaped and drying: For home and beauty salon use.

1.Safe: Prevention installment for high temperature control, i. E.when temperature rises to 80 Celsius, temperature controller automatically stops electric power to make sure it is used safely.
2.Temperature adjustment: 8 degrees for choice.
3.Convenient to clean: Inside and outside material zipper connection, easy to separate cleaning and washing.

Technical specfication:
1. Power Supply:
input :AC 220-240V ; 50/60 HZ. output:AC 24V
2. Rated power: 50 w
3. Auto off time: Approx 30 min.
4. Temperature range: 30 Celsius--85 Celsius(adjustable).
5. Temperature on material surface inside: 60 Celsius

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