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Smart Electric Cupping Therapy Set

Smart Electric Cupping Therapy Set

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Olefort 3 in 1 electric cupping set New electric cupping device: the combination of traditional cupping and modern technology, has: beautiful appearance, easy to use, good penetration effect, large pulling force, etc.Cupping is more effective and brings a more comfortable massage experience. Projects include: cupping set * 1 Type-C data cable * 1 English manual * 1 Filter Pad * 4 Please note the following when using cupping kit: 1: Please read the English manual carefully before use 2: The suction and heating functions start from the lowest gear, wait for 5 minutes of observation and adaptation time, and then enter the next gear to adjust the best settings for you. 3: Move in a fixed direction when scraping. 4: The cupping device cannot be used while charging

  • Cupping Therapy Set: The new electric cupping device is the perfect combination of traditional cupping device and modern technology. Combining Cupping, Gua Sha and Massage 3 treatments in one device.Easy to carry, easy to clean, cupping gua sha massage effect is better, bringing more comfortable and multiple experiences.
  • Cupping:is an ancient Chinese method of sending a message of comfort. A partial vacuum is created in a cup placed on the skin by heat or suction. This maps the tissue below. Cupping is the best deep tissue massage out there!
  • gua sha: a traditional Chinese physical therapy. To stimulate the immune system, increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids. Improve your physical condition. Both acupuncturists and physiotherapists see Gua Sha as a natural form of physiotherapy!
  • Beautiful and Portable Cupping Kit: original design, in line with the curvature of the palm, the combination of ergonomics and beauty! This scraping massage tools Type-C charging is convenient and free from the shackles of cables! The sturdy casing won't cause the cup to break due to too much suction!
  • 6 Modes of Electric Cupping:6 different suction intensities and 6 temperature intensities,Equipped with an upgraded magnetic head, heating therapy one-button pressure relief Different mode combinations can give you a wonderful different massage experience.For specific usage, please refer to (main picture) and the English manual.
Power source Battery Powered
Material 热塑性弹性体
Brand Olefort
Colour 6th Gear Green
Special features 双向控制
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